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Tomorrow I am going to start posting my intakes again, simply because I can’t bear to eat too much if I have to write it here. It’s embarassing and perfect motivation.

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I haven’t been on here very much, recently.

I put out a post for a weight loss buddy a while ago, and recieved all these lovely messages in the ask boxes from all these beautiful people.. but I feel very stupid answering messages from months ago..

So here goes..

I am looking for a weight loss buddy, and this time, I’ll be around to catch your message in my inbox, I promise. :x

Email, tumblr messages, text messages, anything works for me. I just need someone who’ll keep me from eating when I shouldn’t. I’ll do the same for you, of course. I am eating disordered, so please.. stay away if you’re healthy. (I don’t mean that harshly at all, just don’t want to ruin your life by any chance…)

Ask me anything Mon, Dec. 12, 2011
Anonymous Asked:
Hopefully things get better between you two.


Ask me anything Mon, Dec. 12, 2011
Anonymous Asked:
Not to be rude but maybe you should talk to her about this? Maybe she is waiting for YOU to apologize or even acknowledge her? I understand what she maybe going through. I have trust issues, if she has the same problem as me, she just wants to know she is important. No simple "you're important to me", maybe she wants a full on reason. If you're worried what she may think, don't be. I am very sure she would appreciate it. Trust me.

Yeah, well I’ve gone to get in contact with her, but stopped myself merely because I don’t like to bother people. I would like to write a long apology, as embarrassing as it is, but still. I appreciate your advice however, anon.

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